Preschool Children Early Intellectual Toy 4 in 1 Theme Paper Puzzle Puzzle Early Education Toys(Spring,Summer,Autumn,Winter)




Product Name: 4 in 1 theme puzzle

Product Category: Educational Toys

Main material: high quality paper material

Ability training: intellectual development, manual brain, hand-eye coordination, fine movements, thinking space cognition

Packing form: Color box

Product size: 13.9 X 11.8 X 2.3 in

Product weight: 1100g

Suitable for age: 24 months or more baby

Product specifications: Four seasons theme (including 4 models, 12pcs, 16pcs, 24pcs, 32pcs)


Wooden toy cleaning precautions: 

Do not wash directly with water, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not expose to the sun and dry in a well ventilated place.

Every child’s childhood will have their favorite games. For children, the game is not to pass the time. They get happiness, gain knowledge in the game, and create a beautiful and difficult memory for the next life. Childhood is It’s wonderful, it’s happy, and we work hard to design and build a healthy and safe game and growth environment for kids! Round the kids’ dreams and give parents peace of mind.

💝Simple to difficult: the number of puzzles is gradually increasing, making it easier for children to accept
💝Thickened plate is about 3MM: The paper is made of green and environmentally-friendly materials. It is safer to contact with the skin. The thickness of the plate is moderate, and the child is more convenient to grasp.
💝Excellent printing technology: the pattern is embossed clearly, the paper material is green, and the sheet is thick.
💝Rounded corner design: smooth polished corners, no burrs, high quality craftsmanship, consider every detail, protect the child’s gentle hands
💝 Parent-child interaction: The child completes a beautiful puzzle ame under the guidance of parents, which not only enhances the communication between parents and children, but also gives the child a sense of accomplishment.


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