Learning Wrap-ups Palette Base for Self Correcting Problems




Learning palette base
make learning fun with this learning palette base! Use in school or at home because either way, it’ll get kids involved in their learning process. The learning palette base works for all grades and all titles. The unique clear lid acts as a storage device between uses making it easy to keep track of the loose pieces.1. Remove the small colored disks.
2. Position the card, question side up, on the learning palette base.
3. Answer questions by placing their corresponding colored disk in the slot containing the correct answer. Continue this process for all 12 questions.
4. Upon completion, turn the card over to check the answers. If done correctly, the colors on the card will match those of the disks. For more review, the questions and their correct answers are shown on this side.Fun learning for Youth: Learning Wrap-ups presents the learning palette base! This base can be used with learning palette cards to help kids learn many different subjects. This pack comes with five bases.
Unique way to learn: use this learning palette base as a learning tool for students of all ages. This base is convenient for storage with its Clear lid that keeps the loose pieces together. This base won’t get old and can be used year after year.
Practice adds up: this learning palette base is a perfect way to get each child involved in the learning process. Boys and girls can better their skills as they practice. After all, to learn something, it’s best to practice!
Dynamic education: this learning palette base is a self-correcting, multisensory, and fun way to learn! It provides immediate feedback, which is great for instructors. Children, parents, and teachers alike will love teaching kids with this tool.
Great resource: this learning palette base is meant to be used with learning palette cards which are not included. This is an excellent resource for educators looking for a unique way to teach children.


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